Why Call Us?

While problems can’t always be prevented or predicted, who do you want on your side when they do happen?

EXAMPLE 1:  Twice in one month, the following scenario happened, first to an internet shopping cart company and second to an ancillary wing of a hospital:  In each case, we were called in because the client’s internet service failed.  In both cases, their Internet Service Provider (ISP) advised them that the issue was local to the business in their own network.  Our technicians were promptly dispatched only to diagnose the problem was indeed caused by the ISP, not the local network.  In one case, the cost of the downtime was in the thousands of dollars.  In the other case, the cost could have been human lives.  With our technical expertise, each client’s damage and risk was mitigated.  Because of our diplomacy, the ISP is presently reviewing their procedures that led to these incidents.

EXAMPLE 2:  Recently, we were called to straighten out a number of printing issues in a small business.  Initially, this could have been accomplished for about $300.  Because they didn’t call us first, they ended up with a calamity.

The client operates a typical network that is wired and wireless.  Their goal was to print from select computers to select wireless printers.  They were given the impression that they needed to purchase separate wireless adapters for each desktop computer, in order to print to the wireless printers (a common misconception).  Dell gladly sold them seven of the fanciest wireless adapters at a cost of $83.99 each, which they self installed.  They still couldn’t print.

Our expert undid the damage and rectified the printing in one visit.

EXAMPLE 3:  A client came in to our office recently with a failed laptop.  She went to the big store at the mall where a “geek” sold her a replacement power adapter.  It all looked good, until the laptop started to get hot and shut down on her.  It burned out.  Simply, the geek sent her on her way with a power adapter that was too strong for her computer.  Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be a big problem, but her model had a processor/video combination that requires extra sensitivity.  The geek didn’t know this and has cost her hundreds.

EXAMPLE 4:  A internationally branded business called us to set up a new PC and configure it on their network.  Upon completion, they were stunned that we charged per our original quote.  The manager told us stories of numerous IT support companies who had no respect for their own quotes.  While the value of a computer is measured by the data it holds, there is a point of reason.  One of the department store squads ran up a bill in excess of $1000 to debug a PC that was worth about $150.  The computer could have been replaced twice over, including data transfer, for that bill.

Call us at 781-297-7733, so this doesn’t happen to you.